Try Darkness (Ty Buchanan Legal Thriller #2)

Title:Try Darkness
Author:James Scott Bell
Publisher: Center Street
My rating is 5 stars out of 5.
Ty Buchanan is back in another legal thriller.This time he represents a poor, single, woman with a young daughter who is facing eviction from a hotel that rents rooms weekly.She has the money, but the hotel won’t take it because if she lives at the hotel for more than 30 days, it changes the legal status of the hotel.So, the hotel only accepts money for three weeks, then evicts tenants, putting them out on the street usually.Ty’s client refuses to be cowed and wants to fight against the hotel in court.Ty quickly discovers that the firm representing the hotel is one he is very familiar with, his former employer.The lead attorney for the firm is his former best friend.Ty wastes no time in playing hardball against the big firm, telling them his client wants to remain in the hotel and if they don’t accept her money, they will be taken to court.Ty is warned to let the matter dro…

Try Dying (Ty Buchanan Legal Thriller #1) Author: James Scott Bell

Title:Try Dying
Author:James Scott Bell
Publisher: Center Street
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
Ty Buchanan is a young lawyer at a well-known, prestigious law firm.He is the golden boy and has reached his peak performance years, seeking to eventually be a partner in the firm.One of the partners has taken him under his wing, and it appears Ty can do no wrong.He is the lead on a high-profile case, which he is confident he can win and that will garner him more prestige.He is engaged to the love of his life and has bought a house for them to live in after the wedding.Ty is riding the high wave, but with one phone call he is drowning.
At first his fiancĂ©e’s death is ruled an accident, but someone approaches Ty at her funeral and tells him it was no accident.This person tells Ty that he saw a man kill her.Ty begins asking questions, but the police don’t take him seriously as there is no proof of murder.Ty won’t give up and keeps digging.He is set up to take the fall for a murde…

Troubled Waters (Montana Rescue Series #4)

Title:Troubled Waters (Montana Rescue Series #4)
Author: Susan May Warren
Pages: 352
Year: 2018
Publisher: Revell
My rating 5 out of 5 stars.
Readers will enjoy meeting several characters in the series and following many threads of the stories in each of the books.We begin the series with Montana Rescue followed by Rescue Me, and A Matter of Trust.Coming in May of 2018 is the fifth and perhaps final book, Coming Storm.Each of the novels concentrates on a couple of the characters we’ve been following. I never get tired of reading Susan’s books because they are exceptional adventure and faith-filled tales.
In Troubled Waters, the focus is on a couple of the main characters, Ian Shaw and Sierra Rose while occasionally sharing about Jess and Pete’s relationship, if they even have one.There is danger on the high seas when Ian takes his yacht out with some friends and runs into dangerous waters.What happens afterwards is adventure and suspense that keeps you turning pages and at times be on the ed…

Sudden Recall

Title:Sudden Recall
Author:Lisa Phillips
Pages:284 (large print edition)
Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense
My rating is 4 out of 5 stars.
Sienna Cartwright is a CIA agent who has taken something that doesn’t belong to her and some very powerful and dangerous people want it back.The only problem is, Sienna doesn’t know what they want any more as she is suffering from amnesia.She woke up in a hospital a year ago and since then has been recuperating and trying to regain her memory in a small town in Oregon.She is living with her aunt and taking care of animals.She is beyond frustrated that she can’t remember anything before waking up in the hospital.She doesn’t know who to trust.All she does know is that she has a strong faith in God.Then, she has a flat tire on her way home and a handsome man stops to help her.During their introductions, some men in a strange car pull up and try to kidnap her.The action takes off from their and is nonstop with car chases, gun fights and more.

The 13: Stand

Title:The 13:Stand
Author:Robbie Cheuvront and Erik Reed with Shawn Allen
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
My rating is 5 out of 5 stars.
With this second book, the first one being The 13:Fall, the action picks up where book one left off.At the end of book one, Agent Jon Keene has been captured by the Chinese, the Chinese have taken over the western half of the United States, the President of the United States has been shot and is in a coma, and the Prophet is proclaiming God’s judgment on the USA.What more could go wrong?Well…you’ll just have to pick up this second book to tune it to the action that follows all the prior happenings I mentioned above in the first book with even more occurring now.
CIA Agent Megan Taylor has realized her growing feelings for Jon, but she has no idea if he is even alive.She prays for him every day while she continues to try to find out his fate.Boz Hamilton receives a call from the Prophet regarding Jon and the head of the CIA sends Boz to inv…

The Lost Castle

Title:The Lost Castle
Author:Kristy Cambron
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
My rating is 5 out of 5.
Ellie Carver is running out of time.Her grandmother has dementia and her health is declining quickly.She seems to be waiting for something though.Ellie finds an old photograph from WWII tucked in a favorite book of her grandmother’s.The photo leads Ellie to take a trip to France to research the photo to find out her grandmother’s history and bring closure to her.Once in France, Ellie discovers an entirely different way of life.There are ruins of a castle near to the manor house where Ellie is staying that seem to draw her.Quinn, the grandson of the house’s owner, is her tour guide, but refuses to take her to the castle ruins.Why?
Lady Vi is fluent in several languages and she joins a British underground spy organization during WWII.She is sent undercover to Germany to work as a secretary, translating documents.She is entrusted by a fellow agent with critical information that need…

Haven of Swans (formerly titled Abominations)

Title:Haven of Swans (formerly titled Abominations)
Author: Colleen Coble
Pages: 336
Year: 2017
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
My rating 5 out of 5 stars.
Wow!From the very start of the book, this story stole my breath and at times sped up the beating of my heart.The ending was so climatic I couldn’t read it fast enough!The setting is the UP of Michigan.There is a woman who cannot remember who she is, the name of the child in her arms, or that she has been badly hurt!At first, she moves almost on auto pilot, but she cannot tell why or how she knows what she must do to keep “him” from finding her again.After some more time, she remembers her name, and with more time her past.
Her husband, Nick, is a captain for the Michigan State Police, and he and his wife are in the middle of a divorce.When he goes to pick up his little girl, the scene he encounters scares him.He cannot locate either his wife or 2-year-old daughter.After a while, he begins to be taunted by a person who has had something to do w…